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We have a wide range of veal cuts with or without bones.

We can offer chilled and frozen.


Veal entrecôte with and without bones / Veal striploin / Veal tenderloin chain on/off / Veal rump / Veal heart of rump / Veal top end of rump / Veal tail end of rump / Veal flank steak / Veal knuckle / Veal topside / Veal eyerounds / Veal silverside flat / Veal heel muscle / Veal shin/shank / Veal brisket / Veal shoulder / Veal blade / Veal oyster blade / Veal chuck tender / Veal neck / Veal chuckroll / Veal flank / Veal trimmings / Most products PAD if requested / All products halal if requested / Portioned veal products

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