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Vista Food has based the business on good and proper business practice. We build cooperation on honesty, credibility and mutual respect.

Trust and respect

Safety and control

We always make sure that we have all needed documents to trace the delivered product all the way back to production. All necessary documents are collected and stored electronically. We continually invest in IT-systems.

Our employees

We care about our employees well-being and we want them to be happy at work every day.  A happy employee is valueable. We want to have a good working environment, for the joy and benefit of our employees.


Own control

As a food company in Denmark, there are strict requirements for control and traceability. That is why we follow all rules and references from the authorities. As in everything else, we want to ensure that everything is complied with the law and regulations, and preferably we do more.

Our partners

We have a close collaboration with our suppliers, in all aspects of production, packaging and distribution. We want to build partnerships based on trust and mutual respect. It creates good and long lasting relationships, for the benefit of you.

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