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We offer a wide range of beef cuts, both with and without bones, for partial cuts and by-products. The range includes exquisite products of very high quality from South America, North America, New Zealand, Australia, and of course also from European manufacturers. The items are sold both chilled and frozen.


Beef entrecôte with and without bones / Beef striploin / Beef tenderloin chain on/off / Beef rump / Beef heart of rump / Beef top end of rump / Beef tail end of rump / Beef flank steak / Beef knuckle / Beef topside / Beef eyerounds / Beef silverside flat / Beef heel muscle / Beef shin/shank / Beef brisket / Beef shoulder / Beef blade / Beef oyster blade / Beef chuck tender / Beef neck / Beef chuckroll / Beef flank / Beef trimmings / Beef tongues / Beef skirt / Beef omasum / Beef tripe / Beef honeycomb / All products PAD if requested / All products halal if requested / Portioned beef products

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